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What causes warts?


It may seem odd, but what causes warts is actually a virus.


How do you get warts?


For starters, there’s usually no way of knowing exactly when you came into contact with the virus because it has incubation period of up to nine months. This means it can take several months after the initial exposure before the first wart ever develops on your skin.  Like other viruses, warts are contagious. This means they can spread from person to person, usually via direct skin-to-skin contact, such as a handshake.


Is everyone at risk of developing warts?


In short, yes.  Again, given that the cause of warts is a virus, our chances of coming into contact with it at some point are extremely high. This is not only due to the high prevalence of the virus itself, but also because of the relative ease at which it enters the body.


How are warts treated?


Destructive techniques such as using liquid nitrogen, special injections and topical treatments may be used not only to eliminate the visible part of the wart, but also to help our immune system recognize the warts as foreign and combat the virus.  Often, more than one treatment may be required to eliminate the visible part of the wart.  Simply “cutting off” the wart may not be effective because the virus lives permanently under the skin. Schedule an appointment here.

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