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By now, you've probably heard the terms "liquid face life" or "non-surgical facial rejuvenation".

Over the past several years, with the rise in popularity of fillers, we have studied the aging face more than ever before and have begun to realize that maintaining and restoring a youthful face is best accomplished by restoring volume into the areas that have experienced volume loss.
By restoring volume with soft tissue fillers, we are able to subtly and naturally correct the overall dimensions of the face, restoring its natural contours. Common places for filler placement are the cheeks, smile lines, and lower face and lips. It’s not about smoothing away a particular wrinkle anymore, but rather recreating the symmetry and balance of a youthful face - hence the terms “facial contouring” or "liquid face lift".
Combining different fillers allows us to best utilize the individual characteristics of each particular filling product. For example, we find that Radiesse is better for restoring volume to the face. Restylane is commonly used for the nasolabial folds, and Belotero fills the fine lines on the face nicel

Before & After Restylane

Before & After Radiesse

*Patients of Spicewood Dermatology, P.A. who gave consent for the use of their photos.

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